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3d lace wedding dress

3D Lace bridal gowns are a vision of elegance and sophistication. Those wedding gowns features intricate 3-dimensional lace that adds depth and texture, making it a unique and stunning choice for your special day. With its flowing delicate details, those wedding dresses are sure to turn heads and make you feel like a true princess.

Gorkem bridal has 3d lace A-line wedding dress   , 3d lace ballgown wedding dress  , 3d lace 
mermaid​ wedding dress  , 3d lace  column​ wedding dress   ,3d lace narrow skirt A-line​ wedding dress 

Custom made 3d lace wedding dress 
At Gorkem bridal it is also possible to have your 3d lace wedding dress  custom made. 
Please contact us so we can design your dream 3d lace wedding dress  together. 

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