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Shiny wedding dress

Shiny bridal gowns are among the top trends of 2024. Although shiny wedding dresses have not been in demand for the last few years, they are returning to their old ambitious days this season. After the minimalist and simple designs that have come to the fore in recent seasons, brides seem to have made a comeback in jewels, diamonds, crystals and all-over beaded styles.
Sparkle can be added to almost any model of wedding dress. Many wedding dress models such as A-cut, princess cut, mermaid cut can be transformed into a more flamboyant form with sparkle.

Gorkem bridal has shiny A-line wedding dress   , shiny ballgown wedding dress  , shiny 
mermaid​ wedding dress  , shiny  column​ wedding dress   ,shiny narrow skirt A-line​ wedding dress 

Custom made shiny wedding dress 
At Gorkem bridal it is also possible to have your shiny wedding dress  custom made. 
Please contact us so we can design your dream shiny wedding dress  together. 

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