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Wedding dress with sleeves

Although you might picture strapless or off-the-shoulder dresses when thinking about your wedding attire, wedding dresses with sleeves are just as elegant, as loved, and as sought-after.
Long sleeve bridal gowns are a timeless classic that has become even more popular in recent years. They’re the perfect combination of traditional, elegant, and unique. 

Gorkem bridal has  A-line wedding dress with sleeves  , ballgown wedding dress with sleeves  , mermaid​ wedding dress with sleeves  ,  column​ wedding dress with sleeves  , narrow skirt A-line​ wedding dress with sleeves 

Custom made wedding dress with sleeves
At Gorkem bridal it is also possible to have your wedding dress with sleeves custom made. 
Please contact us so we can design your dream wedding dress with sleeves  together. 

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